Why take an intense driving course ?

When you take an intense course, you learn in a week, what would take you half a year to learn on an hour a week basis. With the old traditional method of learning, much time is taken recapping last week’s lesson leaving little time left for covering new material. This discourages many people and they often give up, only to then realise how hard it is to survive these days without a driving license, and they then start over again.

It has been found over our years of experience that driving courses are most successful when taken over a period of approximately 4 weeks. However if for personal reasons there is an urgency, training can be completed in one week.

If you are travelling from outside the Mourne area accommodation can be arranged locally or we can arrange pick up from the Newry bus or train station. Alternative pick up points may be possible, please enquire.

Goodwin Driver Training’s pass rate over the last 12 months is currently 91%, with 87% of these passing first time. The national average pass rate is less than 50%.

So why consider an intense driving course ?

It is cheaper, more effective, and greatly reduces the overall learning time required to become a safe and proficient driver.